Day 31….

J'adore Dior

Vintage Dior barrel bag

Vintage Dior barrel bag

This is the vintage (1970's) Christian Dior Barrel bag I wore with the Halston outfit this past Saturday night.  I very clearly remember this bag on my mom, and the odd part of it is even though she had not worn it in years, I can still smell smoke in it.  There are few items like that, mostly the handbags that she carried her cigarettes in.  As they were inevitably crushed at the bottom, covering a wet breath mint.  Or she would put a half smoked cigarette back in the pack for later.  Gross, I know, but you all know what I'm talking about. 

I smoked from 15 to almost 34.  I had to go to hypnosis to quite.  And I am ashamed to admit, there are still times that I will take a drag on a cigarette, just to see where I stand with them.  I am happy to say I never want to go back.  Mom- I hated your cigarettes, that's why I am so stumped I ever started in the first place.  Really it was to look cool in front of my older friends.  Man, It's not cool.  It's the uncoolest thing in the universe.  To my friends that still smoke, please know that I don't judge you, I love you, and trust me, my glass house is three stories high. (Sauvignon blanc anyone?)  But if you can find the strength to quit, please do.  My mom gave up so many vices in her life that I believe she felt cigarettes would have been too much to lose.  Ironically, it was that poison that hit her the hardest.  They literally took her breath away.  

Let's all remember to be thankful for each breath we take.  It is a gift to be cherished.