Day 218

"All day long it's somebody's birthday...."-

Pennel Bird


Today is my mothers birthday. Was my mothers birthday.  Which is correct? I don't really know, and honestly, does it matter?  What matters is that it is another day to think of her, to reflect on the woman she was.  In all the odds and ends and bits and pieces that my mother saved throughout the years, I was so surprised to find this little treasure, this was surely her oldest memento, a sterling silver and mother of pearl rattle with her name and date of birth engraved on it.  I am so happy that this did not get lost in the shuffle amongst the many moves.  I think of her so often as a mother and wife, but can sometimes forget that she was also a little girl, and a child.  So heres to my mom as a little one, 

Of all the people I know my mother was one of the most fun to shop for, I knew what she would love, and I loved finding things for her, I miss that. Now my favorite people to shop for are my daughters, I love finding them perfect treasures, or things that I know that would make their eyes light up. I think it is all about giving.  My mother was a giver, and in turn, so am I.  My oldest daughter hopes she lives in a mansion of clouds with her mom and dad, and our old dog Virgil.  I just hope she is happy, and in peace.

I am thinking of you today, as I do every day.  Love you so.  Happy Birthday, wherever you are.