Day 103...

Cocktails anyone?


There is a classification of rings referred to as cocktail rings.  Cocktail rings were first worn in the days of prohibition by women who wanted to flaunt the fact that they were doing something illegal.  These rings actually grew in popularity though, afterward in the 1940's and 50's.  That's probably around the time, my mother got this ring.  A cocktail ring just says, "pure fun".  It's flashy, and sassy, and playful.  These were some of the first rings that my mother let me wear as a kid, and always they were my favorites.  Even if they weren't the most valuable, to me, they were the most beautiful.  Yesterday, I let my oldest daughter, Daisy wear a silk tassel on a gold chain for her last day of school.  It was big, it was flashy, and to her, it was beautiful.  Here's to passing that feeling on, to my daughters.  Thanks, mom.