Day 76…

Just Peachy

Peach St. John Cardigan

Peach St. John Cardigan

I know, it's two St. Johns in one week, but there is a lot in this cannon!  I really love these cardigans, they are so comfy, and I believe they are really timeless.  These are also pieces that I think work well paired with more updated silhouettes, to make them feel fresh.

I am including a link in todays blog to another blog post that a friend forwarded on to me today.  She sent it to me in light of the post about my mom's makeup from the other day.  It was so amazing to see this in my inbox, because it felt like I had put something out into the universe, and the universe responded.  I could not help but think that my mom had something to do with that.  It was such a direct line of communication to her.

If you have a minute to read this, you will see what I mean-

I am not quite ready to fully go down the road that these bloggers are on, but it feels like a very intersting path to explore.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in my life.  I love you.