Day 27...

80's Ungaro!!

A silk and jersey daisy print dress by Ungaro, with    vintage black snakeskin clutch.

A silk and jersey daisy print dress by Ungaro, with vintage black snakeskin clutch.

Cue the Dynasty themeā€¦This is one of those dresses from my mom that I would have made fun of.  I can still hear her saying "Oh, but this dress would look incredible on you"  And I would have given her lip about how it was outdated and silly and cheesy.  Kids are jerks.  I'm kidding when I say that, (but not totally) what I mean is that kid's can act jerky, say thoughtless, snarky stuff.  Laugh at their mothers taste.  Well guess what Ma?  The joke is on me, because you were right!  The dress is now cool.  It was probably cool when you first showed it to me.  But kid's think they know EVERYTHING about what is cool, and it is generally not what there mothers think is cool.  Again, I have egg on my face, because most of what I learned about fashion I learned from you.   There comes a time when kid's realize that maybe their parent's actually do know a thing or two about life.  Well, I sure see that now.  And I feel I was lucky enough to feel that for many years of our life together.  PS one of my daughters is named Daisy, I love the flower, the name, the girl, the dress. Mom-here's to your fashion foresight, and for being patient with me when I was a moody daughter.  

As this week comes to a close, I would also like to say thank you so much to all the folks that have taken the time to read these posts, to comment, to look at the pictures, whatever.  It really means a lot to me.  See you again on Monday.  Have a great weekend!  Dress up and share a meal with some friends!  xoxox- Amy