Day 200

The things we've handed down

Vintage organza blouse

Vintage organza blouse

"in·her·it : receive or be left with (a situation, object, etc.) from a predecessor or former owner"

That is a pretty spot on definition, and when I inherited the contents of my mothers closets, it was not only her clothing, but also the clothing of my grandmother, great grandmother, and great aunt.  My mother was not just the only one that the clothes fit, but also the one that loved these clothes more than anyone in the family, and so over the years, as the inheritance made it's way through the generations, my mother's closet became the final receptacle.  The closets have an almost archaeological element to them, with clothing organized by era, and style (evening gowns, furs, day dresses) I am always so happy when I can find a picture to post of my mom wearing an item I have inherited, but this particular item has an even more interesting picture; The photo I am holding is of a pastel portrait of my great Aunt Margery (who was the original owner of this blouse) made by my uncle Herbert.  Sadly, The pastel has been lost, but the photo of it still remains.  So now in a truly meta moment, I present a photo of an inherited blouse, while holding a photo of a portrait of an ancestor wearing said blouse, I going to open up a hole in the time-space continuum?  

let us hope not.